Letter to Lagat (2015)

is an artist book which meditates on the power of objects in postcolonial collections of the Global North. Are objects agents of their own movement? What are the implications of the increasing verisimilitude of digital reproductions?

a book by: Sam Hopkins and Simon Rittmeier
Photography: Hannes Wiedemann
3D Artist: Nieves de la Fuente Gutierrez
3D Production: Urs Fries / KHM
Essay: Kitso Lynn Lelliott
Publisher: StrzeleckiBooks, Cologne

104 pages , ISBN 978-3-942680-72-1, 34.– EURO
available here

installation views:
MASHUP at IWALEWAHAUS Bayreuth, Germany
May 30th – Sep 27th, 2015

All images © Hannes Wiedemann. All rights reserved.